I love her and she loves me. We are an infinity.


Man 1:are you in love?
Me:yea I am. I am in a deep love. A love that makes me run on fumes forever. Makes me feel full and amazing. I am in love
Man 2:how can you do that?
Me:how can't you. Love is the best thing ever.
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Stop and think. What do you want to do? What is it that you are here for? Stop.
I am here for her

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I don’t want to be here, all this stress.
I rather be out there alone with you, just the two of us. No one else. The two of us alone, perfect, and happy. 1am laughter and stories. 2am your playing with my hair, holding me close. 3am your sleepy smile, taking same breaths. 4am my arms around you, your head on my chest. 5am happy, we don’t have to leave.

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when he licks his lips seductively

what the fuck is that thing?

my boyfriend :)

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